Baking our Blues Away

Baking our blues away is an annual day of goodwill. On Monday 15th July 2013, everyone is encouraged to take a moment and give someone they know or don't know, be it a loved one, a work colleague or perhaps a stranger on the street, a bit of baked or handmade love.

Bake for someone to show you care.

With 1 in 4 Australians suffering anxiety, we felt it was important to work towards prevention. By taking a moment out of your day and offering something to eat and a cuppa, it promotes a conversation. A conversation that has the power to change the way a person feels.

There are many like minded charities among us and as yet we are not looking to raise funds. We are just looking to raise the general wellbeing of others. The team at Baking our blues away are avid foodies, therefore for us, it made perfect sense to combine feel good food with conversation.

If you don't bake, why not buy something handmade from a local cafe or food store, or to be honest a bought packet of biscuits is just fine too. It's about starting that conversation and giving people an opportunity to talk about issues if they want to.

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